Completed! (Lots of Pics)

Hello all. I must first off say that Sway’s is an invaluable tool in building surfboards and was my mentor throughout the entire process for the first time. Thanks to all who answered my questions and provided insightful help. With that out of the way I am proud to present to a worldwide audience my very first board, everything was done by me. Agreed the paint looks a little gaudy, mainly on the bottom, but… Must say I’m hooked, already planning my second one.Now just to learn to surf. Ironic! One question, is my grip pad too far back? Not like I can do anything about it now anyways. Enjoy. (And my hair is bad, but I had just woken up…at least that’s my excuse.)

…good on you

-hey man, do you like bands like man or astroman?, or devo etc?

for the look I mean

did you made the fins?

Thanks. Well… the paint job was primarily to hide some mistakes that I filled with a grey epoxy stick. Grey spots on white didn’t look so hot, and they were all close to the rail so it was originally just going to be the rails painted red. Then the painting got out of hand and voila, we have what we have!

As for the fins, no I didnt make them, They’re futures.


but I said for your look


Oh… you mean bands as in music. Got it. Can’t say I’ve heard of any of them. Here are some I like, and you tell me if you listen to them or know of them; Protest The Hero, The Human Abstract, Into Eternity, A Dozen Furies, The Fall of Troy, ect. Do I understand your question yet?

…seems like Canadian bands ?

I m not dig this type of metal

-but very strange that you dont know about devo, for example

who plays without stop for about 30 years

and played in several Countries

Im more in rock (surf garage punk hardcore new wave noise etc) , gypsy swing, popular early XX music from lot of Countries, etc

Protest the Hero and Into Eternity are Canadian. I also listen to some other genres but not an awful lot. How did you know some were Canadian? I’ll look up devo though.

…suppose cause you re from Canadá, the bands are not well knowed

and Rush is from there if I remember well


no no, Devo is not a band for your taste

I think you should search for some Scandinavian bands

there re lot in your style

Congrats on your first board.

Reverb… I saw Man or astro man in concert aboyt 11 yrs ago, I’m not sure about thier look though, when I saw them they were wearing jump suits and had tv sets on theire heads? Just seen the Aliens live twice, really into them right now.

…I saw them about 9 years ago, very good live

but hanged up in the backstage with them a lot

-you know the thick frame glasses, the hair, the nerd stuff

yep a band who apported many things to the 90 s guitar rock

I have most of their records

Thanks. But is my grip pad too far back?