Composites Technology - April 2007

Composites Technology - April 2007 - Engineering Insights: Have Surfboard, Will Travel

Hi Easternpacific -

After reading the article, I noticed that Bisects are now molded in two parts and joined with a seam. Earlier versions, I was told, were essentially seamless and pressured to shape inside a mold via an internal inflatable bladder.

I was also told that they were shifting their operations from US to Mexico but the article says China does the labor now. Maybe that’s just the carbon models which were unavailable for awhile that are made in China(?)

I’m surprised the article gives up so many details of the process.

Edit - I should mention that when I say “molded in two parts” I refer to the initial board before being bisected.

I think the most important thing that I know is that they have been working on their R&D. I was happy to see some validation for all of their hard work and a lot of time committed to this type of project. I suspect some of the changes were made as a result of trials to the point of failure, just to find workable results.

I did get a, by chance, ride on the 9’6” at Rincon during one of their trial runs. It was hard to give it back, as I thought it had unique characteristics that were exciting and different than I was used to. My biggest impression was how interesting these guys are with there work, and passion for new things. It’s one of the best parts of our region as there is so many talented people making unique products.