I want to buy a compressor for sraying speed kote,paint and a bit of airbrush work on my boards. What are the minimum and maximum specs I should look for in a compressor. Cheers

I use a 2 horsepower, 4 gallon tank for my airbrushing and it is more than adequate. If you are doing multiple boards at once than you definitely need a bigger tank. When I was on the market, I checked through the archives and many of the postings called for a much larger tank, but due to space and financial contraints, I decided to go smaller. For me it was a good decision.

Do you do spray gun work with this compressor aswell. I was also looking to spray dolphin coat or speed coat with it aswell. Thanks for your reply

Check to see the requirements of the spray gun before you buy the compressor. A lot of smaller compressors cannot provide the continuous pressure needed to work a spray gun and detail spray gun. Home depot or other hardware stores have cheap spray guns and can help you choose the right compressor for the guns you want to use.

5gal. 5h.p. from home depot. i do multiple boards with no problem.

Yeah, the only problem I found with the 5 gallon was that it was more expensive than the 15 or 13 gallon tank and that the compressor kicks on more. But the larger tank does take up more space. If just depends what you prefer and your budget.

A small compressor could pump up quite a bit of air if the reservoir (tank) is large enough. It seems to me (and maybe I’m just blowing smoke) that if your budget limits you to a small 110-volt compressor, that you can get cheap storage in a water heater tank. They’re rated to 100 psi or better which is the cutoff for most compressors anyway. Most are larger than anything you’ll find attached to a compressor. 60, 80, 100 gallons are common sizes and equal 8 CF, 10.6 CF and 13.4 CF… at 100 psi or 14.7 psi, 60 gallons is 54 cf of air, 100 gallons at 100 psi is 90 CF of air. A little ingenuity with the pipe and fittings… But really, the choice is determined by the gun; the manufacturer’s notes will tell you the air requirement in SCFM or standard cubic feet per minute, usually rated for tools at 90 psi. Heck, my little Paasche single action does fine with a 1.5 horse Costco compressor; the jamb gun will run the compressor a lot though.