Compsand footage

I’d love to see any footage of ppl riding their compsands ,the more i investigate into these boards the more interested i get.I

purchased a vacuum pump today and feel like i have begun the journey of discovery.So until then dreams are all i have…so please show me some love and some compsand footage.:slight_smile:

Here’s a grainy one of aome sharkbait riding his #2 compsand attempt at making the “perfect” single fin 8 foot hull.

I believe this one came out ironing board flat due to a vacuum mistake on a our first attempt at using a “rocker table”.

you can see how light and bouncy these things can be easy to flick around

with little if no rocker the board skimmed over the flats and trimmed pretty fast too.

this is also the kind of surf we normally have to deal in our secret spot on oahu (except when it gets good)

you can tell we grew up in the 60’s-70’s with this kind of style…

Variations on a similar theme:

Awsome ,cheers for the footage oneula.I just got home from work and was stoked to see it ,love the way the boards seems to be manuvered so easily.How much do reckon that board would weigh?