Compsand Stubby

Hey All,

I’m currently building a 5’10"compsand out of leftover EPS and HD sandwichfoam using an old rocker bed I had lying around. You can see rocker and outline sketches below this post.
Status so far: hotwired blank; bottom Sandwich applied; outline cut; 15mm HD foam attached to rails; deck crowned;
Next step: apply deck Sandwich; finish rail shape; insert fin reinforcements

I’m not too sure what fin Setup i should use. Some Input from you guys as to what i should use and fin positions? I’m tempted to try a quad rail layout combined with a single fin box. I’m not too sure about the latter because of the wide tail.
I’ll post some Pictures along the build.

Thanks for your Input!

Length 1800mm 5’ 9 7/8"
Width 540mm 21 1/4"
Tail @12” 410mm 16 5/32" (strong 1/8th)
Nose @12” 420mm 16 17/32" (strong half)

Thanks Jrandy,

asI used Onshape to draw the outline everything is metric.
No input regarding fin positioning. I’ll definately use Quads.But do you think it’s worth putting in the US box?The tail is pretty wide.
I found some carbon/kevlar leftovers that were just the right size for the board and used that under the deck sandwich. Shape is finished and spackled with a thick slurry of epoxy w/ microballoons so that the corecell won’t suck up so much resin. next will be fin plugs and a lam with free laps.
Attached are a couple of pics from the build:
The pictures are pretty much self explaining,but I’ll gladly answer any questions.

I’d skip the centerfin box altogether and optimize the bottom for a quad setup. The board has too much curve over too short a length to surf as a singlefin and if you had any intention of doing a 2+1 you would have started out that way.

Gdaddy’s right about the curve and Quad set up. Otherwise looking good.

With all due respect to gdaddy and Mcding… I don’t see why you couldn’t use a single in certain conditions. Even if conditions increased, a box allows you to swap out fins for one that is larger and/or has a wider base(?) Use the forward boxes for a pair of sidebites or whatever…
And yes, that is looking very nice!

Thanks for your comments guys!
I’ll skip the Center fin box for two reasons. It would have been better to install the HD-foam reinforcements before applying the sandwich foam. Second I probably don’t have a fin that would work for this board.
The Fusion System doesn’t Need any additional reinforcements. Maybe I’ll just put in a 5 fin layout using fusions.
I’m not going to be able to work on it for at least 3 weeks. So still some time to reconsider Things.

Thanks for putting this up!
Just a hint, place the vacuum hose attachment off the board, and on some breather. It might save you the dimple/ dent.

what kind of waves do you surf?

I’m with GDaddy on a quad setup…with fins placed as far out on the rail as possible.

I have a guide that Larr at Fibre Glas Fin Co provided for quad setups which puts the leading edge
of the front fin 1 1/4" off the rail and the rears positioned relative to the fronts that has always
worked great for me. I will try to find it and post a photograph.

No McKee for me, especially on wide tails!