Computer software to design surfboards

I’m intereseted in finding a program that is specific for designing surfboards. I am aware of DAT designer 98 but this must have been updated since 98? All the links to down load it have long since died and the guys who developed it at CET have disapeared of the face of the planet. The demand for such a programe must be huge just from people interesterd in surfing. If there is any one out there with a copy of DAT designer 98 then i would love a copy. Or if any one has any information about the current state of software for designing surfboards the please let me know. Thanks Neil

I just ran a search and found alot of sites that have it for d/l, just punch it into Google.

hello in first escuse me for my english (i’m fench) from south east of france. maybe i have a solution for you search for the programme “shape 3d” at google or “” in french server. take the free version and you can work on the board you want. i use this programme for my 10’ 11’ and my egg have enjoy with this little frenc program. this is the adress

whats your email–ill send it to ya

Thanks My email is Have you managed to get it to work because i had no joy from any of the links i found?

i tried your email but it got returned–maybe try direct email to me and i will attach it to a