Con Auzzie Super Lightweight Deck Restoration

OK- I have come across a cool 7’4" Con Auzzie Super Lightweight Egg, In need of a Major Deck Repair- There is about 4 feet of Delam, which I have Carefully cut away out to the rail lap- My question is this- In terms of a fill coat to even out the foam- Would I go with a cabosil and Laminating resin skin to even things up, then Laminating resin and a 6 oz. Patch over that? Any Ideas for a clean visual finish coat? (color ie opaque finish coat?) I want the board to be rideable and not add too much weight to it- Its still very light, as the name would imply! The Foam underneath the deck delam was not in terible shape- Minimal browing etc etc. I realize that this board may be beyond the scope of a collectible now- (although the Bottom of the Board is very cool with Butterfly Con Logos) but its to cool, and needs to be ridden and enjoyed once again! How about some feedback on Large area deck repairs!-

Steve - If you are able or have already done so, use a dremel and carefully zip it at the overlap cut line. Fill the deck with cabosil as you describe. Make sure it’s smooth and even colored - spray white if necessary. Then try a cloth inlay with period psychedelic pattern to the overlap. Lay some 6 oz past the overlap out to the edge of the rail line, hot coat, sand, pin stripe and gloss and it may look real nice. I know someone who did same to a DaCat and the board gets awards.

Thanks for the tip- I discovered the Joy of Cutting with a Dremmel a few boards back- The only way to go for sure!- Another question though- When you say spray white if nec. (before the hot coat)- What is the propper spray to use over the micro Ballon /laminating resin fill, that will still allow a good bond once the Glass is layed down- Thanks again for any help- This is new ground project wise for me- I usually dont attempt them when they require this much work, but I have a soft spot for funky late 60s transition boards!-

I meant over the sanded cabosil putty (use sanding resin when mixing the putty) before laminating the cloth inlay. I would mask off the rails at the overlap cutline, smear the cabosil putty over the foam and sand smooth when cured. Then paint if any discoloration shows. Just a light coat of water based tempera or acrylic paint. Enough so the base under the cloth inlay doesn’t reveal dark spots once it’s wet out with resin.