CON Surfboards UGLY Model

Can anyone give me some feedback on this ride? I Can possibly get one and the shape has some interesting concepts.

Extreme tail rocker, HUGE,wide nose (20"+), and deep nose concave. Shaped by Bruce Grant according to Bob Purvey’s 60’s specs. 9’6", 20"nose,23" mid, 16"tail. Looks like it would be a noseriding dream. I’m East Coast. Thanks

Good call on the characteristics. It was kinda like a Weber Performer gone overkill in every direction. Wider nose, mebbe a skosh more rocker everywhere.

Though as I recall the originals had little or no noticable nose concave. But I could be wrong, that was around 30 years ago and I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch some days. We didn’t carry them ( we had the Webers, after all ) but Ken’s down the road had 'em and the ones people had they liked and they are still prized today.Very functional item for smallish, kinda moosh summer waves, larger days and especially offshore days it wasn’t so hot. I don’t recall it as a real serious noserider, all that nose rocker tended to push water and stall, more of a hot dogging board ( to resurrect that term). Maybe the last really good one.

hope that’s of use


Johnny Fain is God? Well the Super Ugly is a good board at least.

My friend has one of the first Bruce Grant shaped “reproduction” Uglys and it is an aboslute dream. A 10’ model, it catches anything that even resembles a bump, and noserides like a dream. Even guys that don’t noseride that well could probably noseride this board. Dunno anything about the comments about it being a “hot-dog” board… as far as I knew it was designed specifically as a nose-rider. The blank was actually shaped backwards to give it more kick in the tail and flatter nose, giving it better nose-riding characteristics. And the super-wide, boxy nose? If that doesn’t say hang your toes over, I don’t know what does. I really wish I had gotten one at the time too, though I didn’t know the board was going to be so magical. Of course this was about 10 years ago (holy cow, that long already?!) and I was way more into progressive longboarding than classic/noseriding stuff. Anyway, if you have a chance to get one, go for it! It’s worth it. My two cents…


ps - Dunno much about how it would perform in East Coast waves - my friend surfs in Santa Cruz. Favorite spots to surf it - Cowells and 41st…