concave for a 5'6" fish

I was wondering what would be the best bottom contour would be for a 5’6" fish. The board is 20in wide and I would like to know which bottom contour to get the maximum drive. I would be greatfull if an experienced shaper would let me know. sincerly, Drew Carson

If this is a traditional fish, a la steve lis (deep swallow, twin fin) you are better off just going with a flat bottom. With proper fins, fin placement, foiling and rocker you will have all the drive you can handle. Look in the archives under fish, there is tons of great information posted by Mr. Brom (posts under Magic Man or go to and Herb. These types of boards ride differently than what you might be use to, but once you get use to it, they haul ass. If you are going with a modern type fish with a thruster set up, you might consider a triple concave. In my opinion, if done right, provide plenty of drive while making the board responsive under you feet. It all depends on what you are making and what you want to get out of it.

My boy, you gonna do a whole lot of butt wiggling and arm waving on a 5’6’ surfboard. Unless you are 5’2’ tall that is.