Consensus here on Stretch Surfboards?

specifically the Buzzsaw model?


i’m looking at a gently used asking $450. looks nice/fun. 


 6’0 x 20.5 x 2.45, around 36L


funny again looking for consensus on a slightly rare board. consensus can be hard to find here anyway but:

if only 2.45 thick does it really have 36L?

probably a nice board

it’s summer and this, like the coil you posted last, might not be so much a summer shape, by full-grown man, east coast standards. you would be loving a hurricane swell though. to put it another way, I wish i could ride something like this in 2 foot crap, but i can’t. usually. maybe you’re better. anyway consider people will mostly be selling winter boards since it’s June, so you may find volume but not necessarily the shapes that make the most of mush. And 36L in that? maybe ?

$450? it’s your money, up to you.

finally, sure, stretch is cool.

Consensus aint what it’s cracked up to be.        At one time the consensus was that the earth was flat.     Visually, the photo posted is a good looking board.       Looks like it’d be fun in reef breaks.       Jump in and get wet.       You’ll find out soon enough if it’s right for you.

Good response from mr. Thrailkill. I like the look of that board!

there is a long ongoing thread of Stretch board appreciation on the surfermag forum, you might get some more insights there.

Shaper of the year a few years back.  Always ahead of the curve and has been for a long time.  Never seen a board done by him that didn’t make sense.  Lowel

Great shape, awesome shaper. I only tried older stretch boards… Not this one specifically…
But yeah, probably very good all rounder board but not optimal groveller

I had a Stretch F4 some years ago, great board when the surf was good, looking for another one currently.

I live in So Cal. If your Craig’s List find was a good deal it would be gone before you could start a thread…450 for a short board might be a good price… not a “deal”…

build your own… Stingray.


His shapes are great. Many of my friends ride them. Too bad that he puts that stupid Jesus symbol on his boards. I would never own one, no matter how good they are.

Jesus symbol?

I thought he was a cigar smokin’ pervert with all those large breasted pictures of women in his shaping room.


Much respect

…I thought that these boards were machined…

Thanks for putting the video link up.  I like his boards, and I like the way he comes across as unassuming and down to earth, despite whatever differences I might have with his theology or personal habits. Much respect for what he has accomplished, and what he has had to overcome to do it.  

Ha-Ha!  You would exclude alot of great shapers due to you Bigotry.  Lowel

…rare that you do not understand sarcasm

Interesting website. Videos on the bottom of the page. These are their words, not mine:

Shaping a blank

We start with a milled foam blank. Then Stretch meticulously refines rocker, foil, rail profile, bottom contours and overall board specs according to each individual custom order.