contact info for Billy Hamilton

anyone know how to get hold of Billy for a board order?

contact moonlight glassing…they used to glass his boards (if not still do) they are in north san diego county.


anyone know how to get hold of Billy for a board order?

Howzit Icc, Simply go online and find the Kauai phone book, I think he’s listed but I know he’s building a new house and may not have a listed number. Next time I see him I’ll get some contact info for you.Aloha,Kokua

Hey Icc

Try these

Ph 808-639-3493

PO Box 798

Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii 96754




808 826 6960 - that’s the Hanalei number I have for him… just in case the others don’t work.

I received a PM from a concerned Swaylocker who was worried that I had put Bill’s contact details on the internet.

Firstly any information I gave is from Bill’s business card and as we are on a board builder’s forum I don’t think it is inappropriate to pass on those number’s to a potential customer.

Sorry if this is perceived as a security threat or some other problem by others but I think we may be getting a little paranoid if we think THEY are monitoring Swaylocks.


Mick Matthews Phone (Aus) 0266537619

Ring me and I’ll bore the tits off you !


worried that I had put Bill’s contact details on the internet.


security threat paranoid THEY

now anyone who googles BH gets his e-mail and phone number from your post. maybe he’s stoked. maybe not.

Howzit mooneemick, I don’t think Bill minds since he is in the business of making boards. I saw Bill just a couple of weeeks ago at Home Depot returning a floor sander. I was joking with hm about doing his own work on his new house and he was saying the bottom line is he’s a shaper. Aloha,Kokua

Home Depot on Kauai?..Superferry will be next!


Howzit Proneman, Um you haven’t been here for a while, HD has been on Kauai for at least 3 years now. Actually it’s nice to have an option other than ACE or Sears and they carry a lot of things that we didn’t have access to before. As for the Superferry,I don’t think the people on Kauai are into it yet so it will be a while for them. We even have a Costco now and let me tell you their parking lot is full most of the time when I drive by. Hey it’s big city time on Kauai these days, HD,Costco are welcome but not SF. Aloha,Kokua

Hey Mike,

Well they got it going to Maui…if it is successful going there…it will likly end up going to Kauai as well…despite the local opposition. I have a selfish interest here…Would love to island hop…leaving vehicle for a month here and there and fly back to Oahu for flat spells and R and R.

Hope to get over in the fall.


Howzit Roger, There was an article in the Advertser a while back about them doing a survey about coming to Kauai and it was met with opposition again. Don’t think it will happen to soon since the opposition is very strong here and I don’t think they want to deal with it. They also thought that after Aloha went down that might open up the opperunity for them, but there were a lot of letters to the editor that people would rather use Hawaiian or even Go instead. Another thing is they have been finding lots of stuff on returning trips that is not supposed to be in the cars and trucks. Lots of opihi, river rocks and etc. This is just the kind of thing that we expected would happen and it just reinforces the reason we don’t want it. On top of that they expect the government to subsidize them and they are really lobbying for this. Now they want the federal Gov. to subsidize the second one and are using the ploy that it could be used by the military, which is a bunch of crap. The Big Island is not happy about the fact that they will go there and they may find the same results as they got from Kauai. I have a hunch they will be gone in a couple of years just like the ferry back in the 70’s. Let’s face it, the trip to Maui may be some what scenic but not the trip to or from Kauai and I’d rather get to Oahu in 25 minutes that 3 hours. With the price of airline tickets getting out of hand the tourist business is taking a blow and a lot of people aren’t spending $ like before. The bottom line is Kauai is anti SF and I don’t see that changing soon. You can also imagine what affect it will have on our surfspots and how the local surfers will retaliate. This is not against you since you are the kind of person who gets along with people and it would be convienent for you but where would you park your car when you’re not here. We don’t have any long term parking areas so you would have to find someone who would let you park at their house. Aloha,Kokua


i know this is a late reply but i only just signed up. i am the contact for bill here in australia. i recently just got back from kauai, i stay with him every year. he is still making boards, he is moving on to more art boards-well he prefers it, but will still make a standard board. let me know if you are still looking to contact him or any questions.