Converting Twin fin to thruster/Adding stabilizer?


Was thinking to buy this twinnie but would actually want something that would hold better when a bit bigger and hollower…

Can anyone tell me if it would work to add a stabiliser or even if it could be converted to a thruster or atleast MR type setup like below?




Yes it works. Not as good as a board that is originally designed to work as a thruster, but it definitely works.

great, thanks! got any pointers on fin types and position?

From half a world away, and just guessing about you, the board, and the wave, something small, maybe three inches high, and about as far back as you can put it.

First surf the board without doing any modifications. That Board is a Fish and is set up for keel fins.  Fish surf larger and hollow waves very well. You just don’t surf them like you do a a standard short board thruster. They turn off the rail not the tail. you can bury the rail and the keel fin will bite and stay in the face.  Low stance and lay it over on the rail is how you surf a Fish . Fish were and still are popular in San Diego for surfing some very ledgy reefs 
adding a center fin id Ok to get a different feeling board but if you put the time into learning how to get the most out of a Fish, you may not use that center fin very much.

Great to hear! Never been on a proper fish and was unsure how it would ride. I know the 80s twins (or atleast mine) were pretty squirrely and tended to slide out/feel very skatey. too skatey for my liking.

Will this be a bit different? I don’t actually ride a standard shortboard often by the way. Predominantly been riding single fins from a 6’ shortboard to 9’ 5 logs.