Cooperfish Device dims?

Does anyone out there have the dimensions for the Cooperfish Device? If not, perhaps a summary of whats going on there? Im trying to grasp the science behind that board.

Also, as jcw_surf said, I am looking for used Cooperfish

(to do a literal cut and paste)

Hey guys, I was talking w/Gene about getting a Cooperfish shaped & realized that I probably can’t afford a new one. Thought I might ask if anyone here had a used one for sale or knew of someone who does. Can anybody help me out? I’d also consider other old school boards (volan glass, walker blank, etc.). Please let me know via email or this forum if you have a lead…

How big a board do you want? I think Bagman is selling an 11’ Lance Carson. Super old school - soft rails everywhere, kick in the tail, glassed on big Lance fin. Its orange and more than 3.5" thick. And yes, plenty heavy.