this is probably posted in the wrong section but let me know and i’ll correct it.

i’m downsizing and moving from my current factory in ventura. i have a few months of work(surfboards) here prior to making the move.

anyone interested in getting into a turn key 1500sq.ft. factory call me for details. Gene Cooper (805) 216-8232

Jeez! Say it isn’t so! Why?

The nicest board I ever saw here in Texas was one of your 10 footers in like navy blue–just beautiful.

I hope you keep making those beautiful sticks, whatever you’re doing.

A couple of years ago when i was still working at T&C i was in the factory office and at opposing sides were the 2 managers at their computers.

Brandon who was the outspoken word in management and ex longboard pro spewed T&C’s favorite “People want what the pros ride !”

I quickly told Travis [who is still working there] to look up Cooperfish.

What they saw for the first time was a custom customer pridefull company consisting of entirely non pro boards. Everyone came to the computer in awe, the airbrusher loved the names and colors.

Brandon came over and imediately spewed " That Shit Sells!"

I’ve looked at a bunch of Cooperfish boards and they were flawless. Worth every penny.

I love my 9’4" Hornet. Just wish we hadmore waves here in the North east!

Thanks Gene!!


Wishing you a Great Season,ol’buddy !


Good luck whatever your plans are Gene but please don’t stop making boards. Tim

Gene set the bar for the glassing standard and at the moment I don’t think anyone around, including us, has reached it. When we first started we would take pictures of Gene’s boards and tape them to the wall in our one room glassing shed and see if we could reproduce his results. One of the best compliments we ever recieved was when a guy on the beach ask if the Austin I was carrying was a cooperfish.

We wish Gene well on his semi-retirement.

Troy & Austin

thanks all, here’s a link.

I always liked Cooperfish boards.I considered them to be top of the line.I have watched Austin’s progress also.There is still a demand for high quality work.I never met you Gene but I wish you good luck in the future. RB


thanks all, here’s a link.…p/Detailed/2360.html

Gene - I’d be happy to come down with my truck and trailer and help you move stuff. Just give a call, anytime.



Gene – just for the record, you’ve got my vote for the best web-site in the industry. The design makes it both fun and informative to come back to. I haven’t been to it for a while, but just now cruised around and still enjoy seeing your friends and riders steadily keeping the faith. I can remember when Blackie help start the page years ago. Whatever the circumstances, I know you will keep making boards at some level. The one thing you have shown ALL of us is that you have integrity. Running a industrial operation is tough go in a busy world, and looking back at what you did in your Ventura shop will be hold the test of time. Please, do call, I’ll bring some lifters.

Good luck! Happy Holidays.


Does the tank come as part of the deal?

I always dreamed of having my own tank.

Does it run on diesel or regular gas? Powered by 2 big Chrysler hemi’s or Cummings?

I can’t stop drooling.

If my local shop picks up Chinese boards, I’ll just plow it over.



Gene, are you moving or moving on? As soon as you put down the planer, you’re a goner.