Cooperfish on eBay

This is one beautiful board.  

20% of proceeds go to Surfing Heritage Foundation.  The starting price was 1.00 - it's up to $2400 with almost a week to go.

Any ideas what it'll go for ????

At that price, I'd also want a week with Ms. January.  Sweet board, though.

Just checked with her, she said no.

Incredible board. I copied the pics and put em in with the Jim Phillips “sunrise” board album. I really like the way you used a kind of subtle monotone color scheme. The extra layer of 4oz glass layer you use on the bottom really makes the polish look good. Enough already. I was wondering if you have ever double glossed a board? I used to do on the older higher density foam.

Yeah roger, but when we double gloss we sand super hard so it yields the same as a single gloss.  I usually  just use the  technique  to flatten transparent resin panels.

And thanks. you know jp did the stringer work on that one and other boards in the calendar.  I got the stringerless blanks and colored foam the day Walker was closing shop.  


here’s some doubles with xtra hard fine sanding

I would find it hard to wax up such a beautiful board!!!. Some great work there, not something you see everyday. Can't help but admire the people who do their absolute best to get such a great result.


I used to double gloss for the same reason. Flatten out panels and pins and give the finish more depth. I usually sanded the first gloss with 320 on a soft pad. Onece it was all flat I would shoot the last coat. Never had any problem . I always used Reichold resin.

   Jim phillips has always been a stringer glue up Man.  When first I met him we were around 16 years old and he and I built my first board.  I can remember going to our favorite supplier (the Honolulu Dump) and digging through mounds of toxic trash until we found a stick suitable for a stringer.  I think it was redwood but it may have been cedar. A full 3/4". I had a Honda 50 so Jim rode on the back with the 10 foot stick under his arm.

    Once we had the stick we took it to our “factory” in the Air Base Hobby shop and glued the blank. As I recall it was a done with lam resin and rope and garden hoses. Made a huge mess in the shop…got cussed out…but it all worked in the end.

     Sorry to Hijack your thread Gene. You build really nice boards. I finally saw one in person last year. Good luck on your auction.

Yeah Cleanlines, JP is the sh!t.  One of my favorite people on the planet.

And Miss January goes to… Kevin from UK: 3055 $!!! You should ask for a kiss or something…