Coral it is I The imposter you so hate

well ive enjoyed time on the boards at swaylock, however having now learnt enough to shape successfully i will know longer be coming in. im glad you enjoyed my historical references new balonie, im a keen student of the not too distant past, when gliding and flow was the GO. i almost pissed my pants when i re-read my message the next day. too bad Coral Grief couldnt see the funny side of it. oh my friend coral, why is there so much anger in the world today. relax, enjoy life, for i will no longer be posting messages in jest on the hallowed pastures of swaylocks. you will have free run again. Once again you will take your place as the court jester, diligently posting, shooting down those with lesser knowledge that yourself. oh i can picture your reaction to this message now, sitting in your dimly lit room, only to suddenly burst free from your depression and finally be able to face your surfing buddies again. happily singing and prancing with glee, no more will anyone be interfering with you hardcore rep. the cruel jibes have now ceased. Peace be with you all GEEZER

get a life…you sound pathetic.