Corecork NL20 and other materials

Hi guys, I have been fishing for advice on this forum about how to work with Corecork for a little while.

So far I have built 3 boards for hydrofoil and I am very happy with the results. The 3 boards are going strong which is great and it gets me motivated to build a surfboard and an SUP.

I currently ride balsa boards with parabolic rails from Sunova which I am a big fan of for many reasons. I am thinking of just copying my current vanguard style board so I can really compare how they go.

Now, for the experts who have been using corecork for a while (and I hope Drewtang or BB30 will reading this), do you find wrapping an EPS core with the NL20 offers as much strenght as parabolic balsa rails? 

I will be using this board as a strapless kiteboard so I am interested in making it less than 3kg, good flex and resistant to compression. Preferrably, I’ll leave the deck exposed. Any advice on that?




EPS core with carbonfibre / corecork sandwich construction offers a very good strenght / weight / flex -ratio.



These Kiteboards are all between 3,4 and 4,1Kg. ready to ride, this weight is including fins / pads / straps.