Corky cool stick needs repair

Good afternoon guys. So i inherited a corky cool stick early-mid 80’s from my father. He didnt pass but hasnt surfed in many years so handed down his boards to me. Anyway t has some minor fixes that need to be done. A crack and a few dents. Excuse the pictures as its been sitting in a shed for some time and has not been cleaned yet. Is there anyone who can point me in the direction of someone to do the repairs??

Probably wanna give up your location…

My bad. Long Island NY but im willing to have it sent out to have repaired properly

Part of this forum is about do it yourself.    How do you feel about learning how to do your own repairs?    


Sorry been a busy weekend. Youre right just decided to do it myself. I have repaired my other boards It just became a bit overwhelming since there was a bunch of small issues and the crack had me worried. But none of it seems to bad. 

You aren’t going to get to shaping and glassing your own  - which we encourage - by taking your repairs elsewhere.   This will be a good project for you.  We want to see you succeed.  

Feel free to post process pics & ask questions, the educational resources here are unparalleled.