Cornice (Aka...The Sidewinder)

So…ive been thinking of experimenting with this style of board since i saw Sk8’s efforts and decided to have a go myself. Ihad blank cut using a local CNC services (thanks to CharlieUKUSA) and a Shape file supplied by SK8 (thanks man) to play with and this is the result so far…

cool!  Looking forward to finished pics and ride report.  The design has met with so much negativity, I’m really curious to hear from people who have actually tried it

Did you manage to get the step rail reproduced accurately? Can’t see in the photo

wow so cool, i have just finished mine and ridden it once.

was just about to post pics.

Yep…Charlies’ machine is very very accurate and i went for the high detail pass on the machine so it came out pretty much perfect. I would also add that the Vnet was again easy to work with and no raised weave after laminating it with 4oz.I’m not sure why eveyone has such trouble with it to be fair.

The full carbon deck went down beautifully without any bagging required so im pretty happy so far. Im putting futures in it tomorrow but was wondering about the fin position but now Ive seen Sk8’s dims I think I understand how Ill go about it.

Apologies about the pic quality i think the lense was a bit smudged.


Ive attched these so you can see it better…


So…I “v” patched the fin area after I put the boxes in yesterday and I’m now ready for the fill lam, finish coat, sand and then I’m done (save the paint etc). Good thing too I’m flying outta here in just over a week so will have it done thankfully.

Oh, the squirrel fin is the only thing that I had that was straight so i could set the rear center. Annoyingly, I  was going to use one of the rear quad fins but after glassing the rear quad boxes using F4’s and thinking they were dead straight, I find they aren’t and have a minor cant buikt in. 

So now I cant use any straight quads in those boxes. There is ALWAYS something but im pleased with it generally !!!



So flash, i’d be really keen to see these up against a production cornice and see just how close they are, but how good to the feel under the arm…

i know thew tail is a bit different but i made it a bit more square for max speed.

I like tail…it makes swnse to me.

Done…a few mishaps towards the end but it came out well…shouldnt sand when in a bad mood !!…
live and learn

awesome work! stoked to hear how it goes. can you post dims?