Cort Gion

Just picked this up from one our Swaylock Bros. I will take better pics and post dims by the weekend. It’s a semi-gun with glass-ons. Shaped in Oregon. It will be put on display in my shop. A good example of what Cort Gion did best. Lowel

Clean looking plan shape!

More pics, please?

I’ll have all the details and lots of pics up by the weekend. I may get a chance to speak to Cort and get some inside info on the board, customer etc. It’s my opinion that he made a lot of boards of this type while he lived in Hawaii. Three stringers make it even nicer. My sexetary picked it up and stuck it in the shop. I haven’t even laid eyes on it yet. There was a Gion at the Auction at the Del Mar Board Show. I couldn’t properly download the Auction App so haven’t been able to find out what it went for. Anyone know???

Got a good look at this board. But was in such a hurry this past week that have yet to take more pics. Glassed with S-cloth and barely yellowed. I’ll get pics and dims next week. Lowel


Sorry Boyz been busy up here in the Or. Kicking this back up top. Getting some pics and dims. together to post later today. Lowel

7’6 X 19 1/2" X 2 1/2"

7’6 X 19 1/2" X 2 1/2"

No doubt one of those Clarks from the 90’s

Who doesn’t love a three singer?
LOL Lowell!

Yup. Had a few. Just shaped one. A 10’1Y Clark

Made a 10’2 out of it. Been waiting several years for the time in my life to be right. Had it on ice for 10 years.

Unmistakeable lam/logo