Costa Rica in mid May

Hey all, going to Santa Teresa mid May. Been there in December. Can anyone tell how the swell is in May? THANKS!

GamaglOBIN… DO IT!



More consistent during the rainy season… and May is the beginning of the rainy season. You should get some fun surf.

The place is rarely unridable, May is a good time of year to catch south swells, wish I was going back tomorrow. The high season crowds were a bit thick in January. Here are a few links to sites you could check before you go:

My friends spent two months there this past summer may-july and surfed all but one day. might not be the most epic surf ever, but it is very late fall in the southern hemisphere, the ice sheets are not full size, the oceans to the north are still warm(temperature differential is a way to generate big storms) good potential for a solid swell.

go go go , super fun time to go.

walk up the beach to suck rock and get some drainers. eat some lobster at pedro mar.

Thanks so much for all the advice everybody. Much appreciated. Looking forward to it!!!

Knowaloha, Suck Rock wasn’t working in Dec when I went. Not much of a swell hit, but at the right tide,

Santa Teresa had hollow, head high plus, fun waves. I’ve seen pics of Suck Rock on big swells…WOW!!!

It gets pretty scary. 


Thanks again!


are you going to have a car ?

I think so. This is a business trip (with early am surf scheduled in) so i wont have too much freedom to travel too far. 

Any advice would be appreciated though! Thx…


if you had some more time i would recommend going to the other side of the peninsula when it gets big. super fun rock reef breaks over on that side. i dont have directions and dont have the names of the spots. one of my favorite waves i surfed was over there.

also north of flora blanca i found a sweet sand bottom right hand point break.

also also, if you like to long board try to make a stop at boca carranca (sp)?, the longest wave ever. safe parking at the river mouth , this guy charges like 10 bucks but its worth it.

Thanks for the info knowaloha.

I probably wont have time to drive that far, but I will take a journey north of flor blanca. Sounds fun and most likely not crowded.

I think you are referring to Boca Barranca, which is located in Punterenas (sp?). My buddies surf there every year. They usually score some super long fishable waves. They try and time it with a good swell, so it’s working.

With a tight schedule, I’m only gonna have time early in the am at Santa Teresa, that’s about it, but if I can surf 3-4hrs early am, that would be great.


Bring your rain gear… rainy season is in full effect.

Yo Adam,

Santa Teresa is GREAT!!! I been there a bunch of times have fun and watch your stuff. I drink a lot of water cuz my sessions get crazy long there when its good.

Last april I had Bob Mitsven build me a long fish for that wave. The trip was a blast but I lost the roll of bubble wrap I had to pack my board. Couldn’t find bubble wrap ANYWHERE!!! Had to use my clothes and toilet paper rolls to pad the board… crazy!

Ill be there Mid May for 2 months if you want me to show you some spots. Bring a good board.

Gotta bolt… here comes my sushi!

Special K

     Howzit adam, if you are planning on surfing Boca Barranca make sure you get a gamaglobin shot for hep since the water at Boca is alive with crap. Great fun wav though. loha,Kokua