costa rica one board only

Heading to san jose in august and straight to the Jaco beach area with a modern longboard in hand.will this cover my ass for most all wave conditions? Thanks.

Hey Sure, you should be fine up to what you can handle. The board is a source of concern, especially if you plan an extended stay. Get it glassed strong (slightly heavy), bring some repair stuff, and don’t punch thru any lips while paddling out. Oh, and a good well padded bag.

Worst-case scenario there are plenty of shops in Jaco to get a replacement…watch the lip in Hermosa!

I know the PERFECT place to make your longboard most useful…( if you like lefts). Check the surf and swell to see where its comin’ from, if it headin outta the south, hit up a place called Boca Baranca!! “2nd Best Left in the world” and I wouldnt doubt it. You can PM me bout Jaco anytime, I’ll tell you where things are!!

-Don Warren - Stuart Florida

I surfed a 9’ high perf longboard all over CR, and with the exception of Playa Hermosa, found that most spots could be comfortably surfed. Playa Nosara has few people with many peaks, Playa Negra has a beautiful A frame reef (watch out for the Brazilians!) Of course there’s Ollie’s Point but expect it to be super crowded. (Watch out for the Captain!) I chose to ride my 6’10" pintail at Witches Rock and Playa Hermosa and a wise choice it was. Playa Hermosa was double overhead and as thick as I’d ever want to surf. ( Several great rides then got my ass served to me on a platter!! Longest hold down I’ve ever experienced) Witches Rock was about 2’ overhead and super fast. Depends on how good you are. Enjoy!

Sr Pato

Howzit SrPato, Playa Hermosa and Playa Negra were the spots I had the most fun at in CR and I was riding a 9’ high performance long board. After living and surfing Hawaii for over 30 years Hermosa was no big deal, drop in grab the rail and get tubed, wave after wave after wave. Am I the only one who noticed that this thread was started in March and Victor was going in August so he’s been there already. also when we were there Playa Grande was the spot the brazilians were focused on, about 35 of them would show just as the tide was right. Aloha,Kokua