Could everybody take the time and like my page?




Y’all are old an still haven’t grown up… That’s funny haha

HA!  had me laughin' Barry.           and I didn't even check it out.    Lowel

spam  not wanted   go away

 I dont know you but already I think youre a dick.

consider it done but pretty please be my neighbour in farmville?

Yep, your definitely 17. 

By the way, did you ever go back and thank the guys that gave you some advice on your first post.  Some of them know a lot about the making of surfcraft.


Wow! Nice metal shed painted blue. Neighbors must love that. Can you say amplifier turned up to 10? Don’t take yourself so serious, we don’t ! SFD?  Some Freakin Donkey… Ha!Ha!  Ah, to be young and dumb again…