could you?

cover a whole board with colored fabric under the gloss coat or hot coat? treat it like a layer of glass?

yes. as long as the resin sticks to it

And as long as the fabric weave is loose enough to allow good bending around curves… That’s the hard part.


Here’s my experience.

The fabric needs to be under a layer of glass.

Otherwise it won’t sit flat, you will get little ripples which sit up full of resin. These will in turn take excessive filling and the board will weigh tons.


best done to boards for display.

the weight involved is prohibitive

and the strength added is marginal.

use cotton voil or cotton lawn

press wrinkles out with an Irom

before applying to board surface


take care not to apply the cloth in such a way

as to infringe on a surfboard builder’s patent.

I could be wrong but I heard from

a guy at the beach that

Deiter Steichenbergen of Alta Lorraine Surfboards

has filed an international patent

on the cloth covered surfboard.

He is a retired litagator

and agressively protects this patent.

John “I am the bear” mILLIUS is currently embroiled

in an extensive suit in amsterdam,egypt and india

over this patent infringe ment.

Plenty of sand throughs if you’re not really careful.