Couple questions about after lamination prep!!

I just finished my laminating my first board…Its definately alot harder then shaping hahah!! I just have a few questions: 1. Finished the deck after the bottom was pretty tacky and cleared up all the strings, now do I wait until the deck completely cures and go at it with a surform or sandpaper and clean up the bumps and get the rest of the string?? 2. what about sanding where the lam in spots where there arent any bumps is it necessary(I used RR with epoxy F) Also I could use just help in specifically in the nose and the pintails I had a real hard time getting clean laminations in those areas.

just remembered two more… What can I use to clean my tools: the scraper and the plastic mixing buckets? also I am going to put on a sanded hotcoat and thats all so how far do i sand it down (I am going to hand sanding)

smooth out your lap lines after it’s cured. RR should NOT cure tacky. use disposable squeegees and mixing buckets. use 'em once or twice and pitch 'em. after the resin cures, you should be able to pop it out of the bucket and off the squeegee. i generally get 3 or 4 uses out of each. lay on your hotcoat, and just sand it flat. don’t sand through all the way to the weave.

From the comments of Greg about RR, you can wash in citrus base soap and water.

I just cleaned up my gear (system three) with dishwashing liquid, a splash of citrus oil, and water, using gloved hands and a scrubbing brush. Works for me.

Not as instant as acetone, but does the job.