cracks in hotcoat

ive made a few boards and the first was a 6’11" and used 4-4 cloth on top and aftr just the first day i was getting small cracks that look like there in the hotcoat…well i keep riding it and keep getting small cracks…im not beating it up or anything … so i thought maybe i glassed it too light…so the next board i made for someone else and used 4 and 6 on top instead…well he has a few cracks also just in the hotcoat , i think he beats it up a bit but still i think there could be something wrong somewhere…they just appear to be in the hotcoat …any ideas why this is happening?

Are you glossing? I got this on a couple of boards (#3-5), all of which were glossed. Two had all 6oz. fabric, the other all 4. So I’ve had it in different glass schedules, and at different levels of glassing skill…

I remember when I was trying to troubleshoot someone suggested that maybe I was shooting the resin too hot. Well, my last couple of boards have all been shot twice as hot, both the laminate and hotcoat, and I haven’t had any problem. I’m leaning towards gloss, but who knows? I guess I should do another gloss and see what happens.

I’ve seen that happen where the hot coat was too thick, both in new boards and repairs. Just a thought.

no its not gloss but it could be a little thick i guess.