Craziest 20 minutes of my life

okay, maybe not the craziest 20, buts its up there.

I just finished glassing my first board ever (Took about 200 pics, when i have time i will start a mega thread if anyone is interested).

I took everyone’s advice and use less catalyst that I needed and it was still a race to the end. I used a perfect amount of resin I think.

I was anticipating a horror show actually, but it worked out great i think. I am planning to add pin lines to cover up the lap lines. There is a clear deck patch, obviously, underneath the top glass. I bought 5 blanks, so i have some opportunity to really work and improve.

One Question though… When glassing a fish what is the best way to get the first lap to cover the tail area? I just kinda winged it and patched it with a separate job after the first layer cured.

But as you can see, there will be visible lines where I cut the patch flush with the laps. Also I had to gum up a bunch of sandpaper while bringing the ridge down flush. All in all I am happy with my improvisation, but I am always looking for advice!


Not a bad job! To glass the butt crack, sometimes I cut a second piece of glass in an oval shape and wrap it around the the bottom of the board to the deck of the crack. I can always cover the rail lap and this helps cover the entire area. I also do the some for the tips of the tails and nose. I like to reinforce these areas because they are vulerable when sanding. The oval shapes allows the glasser to stretch and form the glass around the crack or corners. It will cause a dark areas when tinting.

My 2 cents worth.