crazy SUP / alaia / tow board mashup

What a load of crap. SUP’rs already have a bad enough name & this moron takes one out to get into bigger waves on his little plank. Meanwhile, his sup & paddle are free to hit others in the line-up as they’re tumbling through the surf. I don’t care if he is a great surfer & this is some kind of promo or movie.It’s dangerous  and some idiot will probably try it in a crowded line-up and get another person hurt.

“Huge waves”?
I didn’t see any in the clip.
This is just as bad as the guy riding the dirtbike at Chopes

He’s a french fellow… yey… shame on us…

Board substitution seems to be quite #swag, several videos showed up recently and every time I resist to comment as Parthenon: don’t you give a shit about whothe SUP is going to kill after your 2.2s ride ?

Way to go to uncrowd peaks…


Funny comments.  

The motorcycle in the surf bugged me, my wife thought it was “cool”.  I used to ride dirt bikes before I got into surfing, and found I preferred the quiet, and the natural power of surfing, over the noise of the motorcycle engine.  Furthermore, the vehicle is just wrong for that venue in every way that counts, IMO, but I was informed that type of stuff is acceptable at Teahupoo.  I assume that was done as a publicity stunt, and judging by the hits the chopes video got, I’m guessing it was considered a success by the people responsible.

The “huge waves” was probably just some promotional hype by the publisher of the clip, I don’t even pay attention to that stuff.  I was thinking the same thing about ditching the board and paddle, that would be very dangerous in a crowded surf spot, although I can’t tell the crowd conditions from the video.  I notice in a couple places (you can see at 3:42 and 4:16 in the video) where he has a partner who keeps the SUP out of the wave after take-off.  

I thought there might be some interest on the forum regarding the board he is riding, and the way he rides it.  I found the shape and size of the finless board interesting, looks like a snowboard the way it slides through turns, and he’s strapped onto it.  Way outside the box for what you’d normally see in those waves.  He’s using his rail almost like a fin in this case.

Z. - So are you one of those that would be inspired to try this in a crowded line-up? Did I mention in the post that whether I SUP or not? Glad your such a pro that you can judge my skill level in the surf without ever meeting me or seeing me out in the line-up.

Try reading my post again. The point is that it might give some “idiot” the idea to go out in a crowded line-up and try this without thinking about  the consequences of an unleashed board & paddle.

And then we have JOB!

How’s Dis…


My answer was 100% ironic. Sry if I wrote it badly.

My point was that I agree with your statement: “this is not a gd idea”, well I understood it this way. imho most SUP people are not aware of there surroundings and I got hit twice by them… so I think I won’t be very happy to meet someone like in this vid.

I have absolutly no idea about your level and considering mine I definitly can’t judge others…

Hope it’s clearer.



The board JOB and pals are riding seems to validate Roy’s rocker theories…


oh…and I liked to see what happens to the Frenchman if he starts bailing his SUP at Backdoor like he says he wants to…