when doing a tinted lam, what is a good method for folding under the laps around the nose and tail? i know cutlines will show, but i don’t want that. i also don’t want the darker creases to show…any help???

while on the subject…for anyone who does tinted decks and bottoms…do you hot coat like normal for the deck and baste the bottom lap, or tape off??

When tucking laps I start from the center and start pulling the glass back toward the middle.When you get to the bend in the nose your squeegee is actuall going toward the tail.Wish I could explain this better but once seen you will know what I mean.Hope its not too confusing.

got ya roger…what about the hotcoat?

Here’s the safe way.1)Tape deck…hotoat.2)Flip board tape bottom and baste along the cutline with lam resin(you can also rub a little styrene along the cut before basting to kill the white razor line)3)Hotcoat bottom.If you see a bit of weave after sanding its OK because the gloss will turn it clear again.On the nose and tail where the laps cross the tint will be a tad darker but thats part of it and OK.I never tint hotcoat resin but I have heard it works OK with yellow.Last of all…check the oil in your vehicle,I fried my Mazda Engine yerterday.

what are you brewing teddy?

i just finished up a double tinted lam…it’s called pthalo blue…it came out darker than expected…but i love it…i still have to sand and gloss…but it’s close. does anyone have any tips for smoothing out the lap lines on the bottom from the deck layers? i don’t want to sand into the cloth, but it’s thick because the laps are doubled…i might baste, or do another hotcoat to smooth it out and keep it even,maybe a tad stronger