Creative Shaping Space

Recently moved into a town house situation, lost shaping shed, area we live in very$$$ so finding space, any space for a part time builder is tough. Was thinking about getting a pop up tent and glassing in there. Curious to hear how some people have been able to bootleg shape over the years, and what has worked . . . more importantly what has not. 

I shape and glass under a 10 x 10 easy shade.

they have walls that velcrow on.

Works for me

7x12 portable greenhouse - $90

Don’t know if it would work as a long lasting set up outside but works great in a garage you need to use for other things besides shaping. 

Make portable racks and you can glass in there too


I’d say the key factors are fumes, noise and dust.  Noise not such a big deal if you work during the day when most people are at their jobs.  Epoxy is much less disagreeable as far as noxious fumes.  Dust?  Maybe get one of those fancy sanders with a vacuum dust collector.

Bottom line is few neighbors in an $$$ townhouse setting are going to appreciate “industrial” use of any kind.  More than a few (even those living in isolated single family units) have been turned in to the Fire Department, AQMD, or home owners association.