credit where credit is due

This must be a typo : It should say, the Anderson Farberow Model looks like the G & S Hot Curl Model.


1968 Gordon and Smith Hot Curl. 9’6” x 17 5/8 x 23 ½ x 14 ½ x 3 1/8. Weighs 20 ½ lbs. This was one of the very last longboard models, built after the shortboard revolution had begun. It’s really refined and light, with smooth rocker, low volume 50/50 rails, belly bottom throughout and curved split stringers. Has a big 12” x 9” Wave Set fin that flexes at the tip but is somehow super tight in the box. It’s the only Wave Set fin I’ve ever had that wasn’t loose. The board looks kind of like an Anderson Farberow Model. This was made when big surf companies weren’t cool anymore, so there’s just one tiny lam, with Gordon and Smith in microscopic letters. U.S. Open winner Brendan White says these are the best riders ever, and convinced me to get one for Sano. I never rode it, but it looks like an excellent rider, and it’s in great shape. Will pro box & ship anywhere, or pick up in Hermosa.


Scott would have been a little fella when that board was designed…if he was even borndicated!


Howzit e-pacman, He’s willing to box and ship but I don’t see any price, sure he’s not giving it away for free. Would maybe be a nice wall hanger or ride it.Aloha,Kokua

First time I ever saw 20 1/2 lbs. referred to as “LIGHT”…


Those Hot Curls were finely tuned longboards that in my opinion, epitomized streamlined longboard design. Some great things were left behind as the shortboard revolution blasted forward.

If I’m not mistaken, Skip Frye played a big role at G&S at the time and may have been instrumental in developing the Hot Curl design and the fins that went with them.

PS… if anybody ever comes across a 9’3" hot Curl with a reddish-orange bottom, clear deck with yellow foam stain between the flared stringers, grab it for me? It’s mine - stolen (along with several other boards) from the barn at the ranch where I lived below the VFW building in Topanga Canyon back in '73-'74. The fine print under the glass in pencil reads “Another in a long line of Barney’s Hybrids” or something close to that. Dings that sucked water faded to a lighter yellowish color. Mine had a black WAVE fin with a lot of flex. One of my all time favorite boards given to me by my old friend Craig Schumacher.

If you know where it is, give me a shout, eh?