Crowed surf camps? Just the times and the buck

Read on…

thanks for the board,

when you see me in the future

I might be the guy

that blocks you or am 

blocking for you.

Surfing,Hawaii’s gift to the world.

Blocking,an adolescent’s rendering

aka,what does surfing meanan to you?

another guy I don’t care to surf with.

… ambrose …

learn to throw rocks

then throw them at people?

land a rock in a bucket with 

other selected rocks to throw at chickens

digging up flowerbeds …

send these kids to P.V.

to make friends,

or mebe newbs,

or hollywood by the sea…

keep medui ,i’ll surf where and when

you don’t.self satisfied herky jerky

straight-off adolph,stiffling real growth?

read the article and gave away the store copy

to lunchmeat to read… soured on the state of

contemprary surfing life,the rest of the mag is about

the 'hoffman  dynasty dead flippy and herbie,wow…

rather re read the surfer tips about fin first take offs