Just ordering some new blanks, thinking about using US blanks now that we have them arriving in NZ soon, albeit a very limited range.

Question ~ Would 1/4 of an inch in thickness from the blank to finished shape be cutting it too fine to get through the crust? that is; blank = 2 3/4, finished shape = 2 1/2. Not knowing how much crust I have to get through, nor how domed the Eric Arakawa model blanks are.

Any ideas be cool, Cheers.

If the blank is in good condition and needs no adjustments you will be fine.  Basically a unmodified skil cuts 1/8’’ deep at full depth.  Half open normally cuts through always. I would source blanks from a closer source and hopefully save some money in the process.  The Arakawa series of blanks from US Blanks are versatile because of the added widths in comparision to many blanks of similar lengths.

Choice, cheers for that mate.

There are no blanks blown in NZ anymore, so have to rely on overseas shipments of Bennett, Australian Surf Blanks, South-coast and now US blanks. Blanks generally $150 for general punters like myself, not sure on price of these US blanks yet, but the importers owe me a couple because of some crap eskimo blanks they supplied me were not up to the job.

I shaped a board from a 10-6A Rawson by US Blanks, they call it 3 13/16", and I ended up at 3 1/2" (it was for a friend that wanted it as thick as possible from that blank), but man it was tough for a novice like me.  Guys like Ghettorat who do this for a living have the skills, but for less experienced shapers I would say figure to lose a bit more in the process.

Those EA blanks have a lot of rocker. Natural rocker is like for Hawaii. OK for the Machine Queens.

The shaping machines can find a flatter board in there.

I order them with 6’2"P bottom rocker centered.

Current trend is flatter, more relaxed nose rocker.

Otherwise plenty of foam to remove.

Yeah one size fits all here Barry. We don’t get a choice in rocker shapes. The pronounced rocker is inteded for filtering rays under the curtain of tropical reef slabs.

Your answer may well be to buy a blank without a stringer, and do your own glueup to your desired rocker spec’s.      I’ve done that for decades.

very cool. Always learning something new. I always walk in a buy a blank. I emailed US Blanks about this and got a very timely response. Lot’s of possibilities :wink:

"Thanks for the inquiry.

Yes, the 7'7"A can be ordered with the 6'2" rocker.

Here's a link to our current rocker's available. Or we can make custom
adjustments as needed. The 7'7"A is on page 9.

Thanks again. Let me know if you have any further questions.

David Scales
US Blanks"


As usual Bill is right.

They will cut them too.

Sometimes, that is the tricky part.

US Blanks is a great operation.

Really willing to work with shapers.

I buy them without gluing as well.

If not, just look at the rocker charts.

Really helpfull.

If I had oodles of time and the equipment at hand, sure that’d be fun, unfortunately I don’t.  Will do so in the future once I waltz into the realm of xps/eps and epoxy. Will have to suss out some options where I’m going cause I think broken boards will be a lot more common. I can’t really get what I want from US blanks, not really a viable from down under here. At this stage the suppliers only have a few sizes, and a fish and standard S/B for each size. Only one rocker shape. For now it’s just getting a hold of what I can so I can start carving foam.

So really the question was will 1/8 of an inch either side get through the crust? If not I’ll suss out a Surfblanks OZ superwhite blank. Around $150 a blank here.

Cheers for the intel crew.


styrobecks in lower hutt will cut your foam out but with no rail shape. about $20 worth of foam for a shortboard. 

So really the question was will 1/8 of an inch either side get through the crust? If not I’ll suss out a Surfblanks OZ superwhite blank. Around $150 a blank here.




Yes 1/8" will do it easy.

I buy their 6’2"P and yeild a 2.25" all the time.

Skin is very thin.

Sharp planer blades and go slow. (no ripping the foam).

Barry ~ Cheers. That is the good home bake oil I was after. White lines away.

Toaster ~ Cheers, that sounds like a great service and option, but I’m up in Northland.  Might have to get some mates to bring some over from NZ, as epoxy will be a bit more mangaeable in the tropics.