Cure time for epoxy resin

I was fixing the dings on my board and I guess my mixing of epoxy resin and hardener was a bit off. It’s been about 5 hours and the mixture is already dry (to the touch) but still soft. Will it ever harden or do I have to redo everything again?

Depending upon the type of epoxy (brand) and speed of hardener (fast, slow, etc.) it could be doing

what it is supposed to…

What is the temp during all this? If it is below 80F, it will take longer that polyester resin. If it is below 70F,

it could take all day. Could you possibly heat the room/area? Most epoxies are very sensitive to temp and to

the volume being cured, (a thin layer will take much longer than a mass, like a ball).

just used the resin that comes with the “Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit” so I don’t know the specifics of the resin and the hardener. The leftover resin in the mixing cup is hard but still a tad soft; I can leave scratch marks if I scratch it hard enough. It was a little bit better than when I first started the thread. Hopefully the one on my board (covered by wax paper) is hard enough by tomorrow morning.

Very helpful forum. Thanks.

You have to make sure that you mix the epoxy very well, or it may not cure fully. I’ve used the Resin Research epoxy it has taken around 5-6 hours to fully cure (that was the slow cure). Also used the ding-all repair epoxy, I didn’t like the mixing method on the directions (using the stick) the suncure epoxy is I think the best way to go about a repair. Give it the night to see if it cures, If not then start over making sure to mix it all.

put your car in the sun and lock the board inside for a few hours. if that doesn’t cure it up, then start from scratch. and remember…epoxy cleans up with denatured alcohol…not acetone.

It turned out okay this morning. Rock hard. Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m gonna get me some good measuring devices so I don’t have to go through this anxiety attack again.