custom board help(ci flyer related)

I want to goto my local surf shop and get a custom board identical to the ci flyer.The size I want is a 5’11",18 3/4 wide,and 2 1/4 thick.Does anyone else know other info I need to let them have(tail,nose width,concave,rocker)to get a replica flyer?Thanks,Steve.

go see al in sb


go see al in sb

love to but I live on the east coast.

If you take that route, here is what is going to happen (it has happened to me enough times to learn my lesson): No matter how detailed you get in describing the board to the shaper, the board is going to come out different than how you envision it or will otherwise not be an “exact replica”. It will, of course, cost about $100 less than a CI, but is that $100 worth the disappointment and frustration? Hell, $100 is a weekend or two of bar-hopping for some people. Watch some TV instead, pocket the $100, and buy a CI flyer off the rack… that ensures that the board is an exact match, because it IS the board you want.

Option 2 is to tell your local shaper what you want the board to do and tell him you want something like a CI flyer and let him take the reins and be happy with your custom board made to fit your local waves (remind yourself that Al Merrick shapes boards in CA and knows CA waves; your local shaper will know your local waves better than AM).

Just my two cents on the subject.

…18 3/4´´…mean that youre “normal” thruster is 17"…

the new pigs are wider

call him up if you can get him on the line and order one they have one all ready on the rack ready to ship worldwide

My brother (who works with a lot of well known shapers) recently explained to me that a lot of professional shapers will get insulted if you ask them for a replica of someone else’s shapes/designs. A lot of these people put a lot of time and effort into fine tuning their rockers, foils, plan shapes, bottom contours, etc.

In short, a lot of shapers get cranky if you ask them for a knock-off board.

answers are usually in the archive…


answers are usually in the archive…

Thanks for your response.Seems to much of a headache and it might not turn out right so I’m thinking about getting one off the rack.

“I want to goto my local surf shop and get a custom board identical to the ci flyer.”

O k , you can slap me if you want but "custom"and “identical” in the same sentence!

Nothing wrong with buying a custom board , nothing wrong with buying off the rack.

Well put. I’d bet that a lot of the ‘custom’ shapes out there are just stock shapes with your name in pencil on the bottom.