Custom board swap.??? Australian shaper

I have been making my own boards for so long and I want to ride some other shapers boards, I can sometimes do this with 2nd hand ones I get but I would love to get a custom made by another shaper, sounds weird as I can make myself anything I want but I want to enjoy the custom board process as a customer and I want to try a different shapers boards to see what they are doing and get maybe get some inspiration or ideas that will help with my designing, shaping and just be fun I think... So maybe theres a shaper out there who'd be keen on doing a custom for a custom, clean swap....    pretty open to shapes and stuff, keen to hear thoughts as I know theres a few shapers that frequent these forums   ( hey there Yorky  and co.??? )....


hi Mark, i saw you taking your kids surfing last sunday morning… i was taking photos of a couple mates longboarding… you have a town of good shapers. why not hit up Rod Dahlberg, Luke Short, Albert Fox, Thornton Fallander any of the Webbers in town etc…they all have plenty of experiance. how about to get one from each of them and write up a story on the whole experiance. might be fun read for us all. 

shoulda come up and said gidday, I didnt see you....  

well i was up at the board display at the pub all weekend, i had a couple hours that morning to shoot pics and it took me 30 minutes to walk from the car to the beach becuase my ankle is not healed yet … 

I did the ''shaper's exchange'' a while back. I shaped a shortboard for Jesse Fernandez (4-time ASP-East longboard champ), while he did a 9'2'' for me. I hope you can find someone willing, and I hope you both enjoy the boards as much as Jesse and I did.

Hey mate, funny I was only thinking something along those line a few weeks ago myself. You can only learn hey.

I must admit I have been narrow minded and a bit pig headed in the past, you know (I only ride my boards and that’s it kind of shit).

Shapers are very, for the use of a better word/s territorial, maybe even ego driven. Like a rooster in a hen house, ha ha.

As I have grown up (gotten older at least), I really have tried to distance myself from that sort of shit (however hard), maybe that is what drives us all to be the best we can…?

Mark, I’m setting up a new shaping and show room on the 15 of this month, It should take a little while (there is always little and large stresses involved) also We (my family) are moving house closer to our work.

Having said that I am keen for sure. I’d like to bring my family down your way and make a fun time of it. So yeah, I’m keen for sure. Sounds like great fun.

However I don’t think I can do it for a little while.

Cheers for posting my name.


no probs, sounds good and I agree with what ya saying....I am originally from the Sunny Coast and only done 4 1/2 years down here and am planning to move back soon, so may be able to catch up...anyway, good luck with the factory move and talk some time down the track bout a sled swap, maybe some summer grovel boards .....