Custom Tri Fin for David

5’ x 20” x 2 3/8” Hovercraft Tri Fin  , Eps - Greenroom Epoxy with Twinzer option

Foil and Rocker 

Area loss from the wide point - Very important .

Custom sized and placed fins to create this design .

Twinzer option as requested , with slightly larger fronts to compensate for the missing center fin .

Davids first rides - no “dialing” in needed :


Greg, this board is a bloody blast! I rode for the second time this morning at N. OC beachbreak. So far I’ve only ridden it as an inline tri. Yes, the free, hovering feeling was in effect throughout the length of the ride. Review continued- The inline tri is quick down the line like the 5- fin modfish but it pivots more freely out of turns, not saying it’s better but different. Also, I did a nice long backside floater that felt easy to disengage from and land. Thanks G! --D

Hi , first, thanks for posting :),

I got to ask, you said:  Area loss from the wide point - Very important .

This seems to me like a tautology, would you share some insights on this point?



I allows the board to release and move forward even with its extra wide tail .

Many mini simm type wide tail boards do not have this .

This is my hp replacement for that market .

Love that, Greg.  Would love to have one.

JSPR, RE “tautology”, I am sort of a word person.  Do you happen to read James Taranto’s column in the WSJ?

All the best

A paying customer review - much better than a team rider  :-)


Cyril Huddy : I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. But this Tri-fin design is off the hook! The first thing people say is, “that looks like a whole lot of drag”! Yup, I agree with them! But I tell them the drag is created when their jaw drops in the water after they see the blur of the “Hovercraft” flying past them!

Fin Drag , turbulence at the base Etc. Not happening in my world  or Cyril’s .