Customized Krypto for small waves

Hello everyone! I’m customizing a Krypto template for me (1,74m/72kg - 5’7" / 159) and thought it would be a good idea to ask for the opinion of the more experienced guys here.

I’ll be using the board in small mushy waves for the most part of the time, so I decided to leave the tail more round and make the outline less curvy to obtain more velocity. I’m not sure about the rocker yet, maybe I’ll reduce it a little, but I think I would loose to much of the Krypto characteristics. The dimension at this moment are 5’6" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8", 29.6L.

Any ideas?

This is how it looks so far in Shape3D:


I’m not an experienced shaper but I see this thread with no replies and I just want to help as it took me a while to learn this.

 Shapers here don’t have much love for the Krypto. It’s a board of little cool because:

  • it’s mass produced

  • it’s mass-popular 

  • it’s often used as a groveller but really with that pinny tail there are more appropriate boards out there. Often it’s ridden at a longer length than it was designed for

But I know where you’re coming from. Many people are familiar with the board. It makes sense to start with something familiar as that’s an easier place to start from. If it’s a board you’ve borrowed from friends it makes sense to use that as a starting point. 


yeah, the wider tail is great start. That’s probably the main thing about the board.

Have a look  at 

-does that help?

Do straighter rails make much difference? I’d like to know, Maybe a slight chine does more that that? Where do the rails sit in the water? Maybe that makes a bigger difference. 

As for the rocker. Well, the evo rocker is lower. If you have a lower rocker then we then have 3 large changes, such that the board is so far away from where we started you’d be better off starting with a different board…

but then you’re not familiar with other boards I guess


That shape works.  Channel Islands has sold thousands of them.