Cut away fin bases

I remember the thread on fins where our experts were discussing drag at the base of the fin and how cut aways seemed to reduce it and allow measurably greater speed. I have a few pairs of stock twin fins. Big Futures. How about I cut the base of the fin down a little where it attaches to the base ? Dress it up a little? Waste of time?

BTW, that thread was great reading. Thanks to Halcyon, Bert, Tom, and others to numerous to mention.

You can. But, remember that you don’t want the trailing edge to be any thicker than .030" and you’ll want to keep your rate of curvature to a minimum. But, if you aspire to be an apprentice fin maker. Go For it!

Hey Greg,

You will subtract fin drive but the board will trim a little faster and go rail to rail more freely. You have to foil that trailing edge some and use a file to work up next to the fin tab but go for it mate.

Mahalo, Rich

Thanks for the feedback. Drive was what was lacking on those fins, so I’ll tread lightly, but I’ll give it a try. thx.

I had read in the “wayback” threads about someone using bondo to reshape stock fins. Nasty stuff, but convenient.