Cut foam to fill ding

Hi everyone,

I picked up a ding in my favourite board and would like to make the repair invisible, so don’t want to use q-cell filler.

I want to cut some foam from a blank (that I have), then glue that into the hole instead of filler.

What’s the best way of going about this? Obviously I need to make the foam piece match the shape of the hole in my board.

The ding is right on the esge of a fish tail, so ideally I want to the keep the repair as small as possible (so as to not mess the tail’s shape).

Have added a pic to show what I’m dealing with… should have used a scale at the time to show size!

Thanks very much,

I would fill that with resin and microballoons.
Then glass over.

It’s a bit deeper than it looks… is it worth chopping some glass up into the resin to fill it?

how deep?

Take everything I say with a grain of salt. I’m definitely no pro…
How deep is it?
Strength is gonna come from the glass you lam over it with.
Again, I would mix up epoxy with microballoons 'til it’s thick like peanut butter.
Fill the hole with that then, after it’s kicked, sand back to the original shape.
Then glass over with 2x4oz glass.
Knock down any high spots with 100 grit. Scuff up surrounding area with 100 grit.
Do a fill/hotcoat.
Sand it and surf it.

Just like Chris said. Microballoons in epoxy. I like mine a little closer to mayonnaise consistency. The only thing you will see when done is the patch will stay whiter than the foam as it ages.

I have straightened the edges of the hole with a router and a straight edge to the deepest depth of the hole. Then cut a piece of foam to fit the hole and sanded flush the glassed it over. You can take a piece of foam larger than the hole an press it own gently to leave an impression of the outline in the foam to cut to fit. The problem is it will never look perfect and is a lot of work for a little cosmetic improvement. the new foam will be slightly lighter due to less uv exposure and the patch will overlap the old glass making it a different color around the edges. Your board is dinged just patch it and ride it. It will never look the same again.

Piecing that spot is difficult , a good substitute for Cabo’s ol or micro balloons is common granulated table sugar. It stays crystalline, is semi transparent and easy to sand. A mixture as thick as possible, a toothpick tip amount of white pigment, pack it into ding, smooth out with wax paper over it, feather in, glass over, finish off

I read that comment and thought holy smokes! Who ever came up with trying sugar…and how??? Herb’s baby diapers were a blow mind but this one had to be out of desperation. I can see it happen, step into the shack first thing and see what you have or don’t have. One hand is a coffee from the donut shop with sugar packets in the bag, and nothing in the other. A+B=C. Whodathunkit?

Sugar will be about as close as your are gonna get. No such thing as invisible. I use lite weight spackle on EPS. And since most EPS boards are spackled to begin with; the repair is pretty damned near invisible.