cut laps in the fish "butt crack"

I’m gonna try my second cutlap on a new fish. I’ve glassed several hundred boards, always freelapped. I can’t figure out an easy way to get the cutlaps to fit up inside the “crack” without flipping the board (after it kicks of course) and piecing in a piece of cloth to fill the gap. Is that how it’s done? Sure seems like some crafty glassers should have an easier way. Yes, I’ve tried the archives.

I just fill the gap with some resin before put the cloth on the deck and it’s good

Interested to know myself…just did my first board ever; fish (isn’t everyone?), and as I knew this would be a huge learning curve, I thought it best to follow up with #2 right away… I’ve already got my second blank hotwired and ready to go.

I lapped and patched, both bottom-up and top-down with pre-cut patches waiting in the wings while I did the laps; saturated and applied. After a little sanding and surform work the seam is only visible with some serious inspection. The only real tip I’ve picked up is to put in a line of saturated roving down under the glass in the b/c and around the tail pins to add a bit of protection and smooth out the curve…looks nice having a tailblock like that too.