Cutlap on new ...lost Weekend Warrior

Hi, i just saw the ad for the new …lost Weekend Warrior and wondered how they do the resin tint in this picture:

For me it looks like the deck was done first in yellow resin tint. After that the bottom is laminated with green tint. Just wondering because usually you would do the bottom first. Any thoughts?

Paint not cutlap probably.  That or deck first.

The green tint bottom is done 1st. The deck color is done with a reduced amount of yellow opaque in the batch , thus making it translucent. That makes it show more pronounced over the green on the overlap, than using a straight transparent yellow tint.

i would say the yellow was done first. the yellow wrapping over the green wouldn’t even show up. all tint.



How about…

Green tint bottom panel, yellow tint deck panel, lighter green tint bottom and clear deck.

I think Stingray and Ben Shipman did a couple like this.  The tint over the boxes is a clue that the bottom lamination was tinted.  The other colored areas could be foam stains, sprays, or tinted laminate inlays.  The bottom might have been light blue under the green lamination(?)

Ray and Ben’s trick was all in the color sprays with clear laminations over.

Like atomized said…Green tint bottom, yellow tint deck (you can see on the deck side the yellow goes over the green cutlap). There’s no tint over the boxes, yellow future boxes installed after the lam, before the hotcoat.

i agree on the yellow boxes being installed after lam, but the yellow had to hit the foam first to get the rail to be that color. That green is a dark tint, if that hit the rail foam first, the yellow over it would be barely visible.

   I just did one like it with a half magenta half yellow with cutlaps. Where the yellow went on the rail first with magenta over it it turned orange, but where the magenta hit first and yellow wrapped, it turned a darker purple tone.

here it is. omit the wax


…sad to see so many Lost Boys…Get a trade,go to night school…work hard…pay your dues.


Atomized and OhauShaper is right… When we do those we 50/50 Opaque and tint. Good saturation over the white on the deck but less over the other colors.