cutting out fins

Hey guys

I have done a quick search of the archive (Im at work) and cant really find what Im looking for.

Whats the best methods, and tools, used for cutting out fibreglass fins from a fin panel layup?

Any answers or links will be much appreciated.


Shellharbour NSW

Search for any entries by Chipfish61 over the last week, he documented heaps on the subject.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

A jigsaw with a tungsten carbide blade on it will do the job…

I use a bandsaw (cuz I have one to use), you gotta use blades for cutting steel and not wood…

In my early fin making days I would catch the panel at the gel stage, then cut them out with a stanley knife.

Otherwise, jigsaw or bandsaw.

hi MDS !

I think they are called “carborundum” , the blades for cutting ?metal? / fibreglass here in oz , ‘mds’ , if that helps [jigsaw , yes…that’s what I use].Can’t remember if I got mine fron Bunnings or Scarborough [local] Hardware store , but from memory I paid around $12aus …and they last a long time !

hope that helps ,

cheers !


…any chance you could please post shot[s] of the fin and panel , when done ?

Thanx Chip

There is a bunnings just around the corner.

I will go and sus it out tonight.


Shellharbour NSW

cool bananas…

what fin[s] are you hoping to make ?

colour[s] ?

…I LOVE hearing / seeing [hint hint] others making fin panels , and their own fins !

for a finbox ?

glassons ?

plugs ?

cheers !