cutting outline with router

I did a search on this and could not come up with any conclusive answers. It seems cutting the outline with the router is the best way to get an even 90 degree cut. I assume any router should work fine but I have not figured out what bit to use. Is 1/4" bit to thin? Is 1/2" the way to go? Any info is appreciated.


I use a 1/2 inch end mill bit in a plunger router to cut the outlines. In most cases, a 1/4 inch bit with a trim router isn’t quite long enough. The other option is to use a reciprocating saw with a long blade (jig saw) to achieve the same task. Remember, your still going to shape and roll the rails, so how close does it have to be? Good luck on your project!


conclusive answer…




continue with saw…YES!

half template full length…yes!

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after reading your post, and cutting some outlines by hand yesterday, i borrowed a jig saw and found a longer blade for it. it works well, but if the blade isnt extra long - like the one i found - it takes longer than by hand. although the cut is dead square.

unlike my hand cuts!

Perfect for cutting out plan surfboard shapes and routing out surfboard fin boxes. All Pencil Routers are coated in Shapers Australia’s Tungsten Carbide “Super Grit™”. Standard size is 1/2" shank with 2 1/2" cutting depth.

Custom orders are available. When ordering please provide dimensions in the ‘special instructions section’. Please note that for safety purposes the minimum shank size is 1/2". You can find them at:
Hope this helps, I use a Skil MAG 77 to cut my boards, I hardly use anytime fixing the rails and its a true 90 degree