cyclo polisher

anyone tried one of these?

have a demo with one tommorow

sounds quite beefy to me paul, at 1/3 of a horsepower i think id want that sort of power strapped to a bench!?

or is it not too bad, im not 100% on my electric conversions just sounds alot.

anyone else, im interested if anyone can work out hp from kw?


Paul, looks the dog’s, in a karate-kid kinda style…waxon, wax off.


if you check for the vids on youtube it looks like a real good finish!!

will let you know tommorow

It's kind of funny lookin.  It's awfully expensive and it looks like a combination of an old fashion massage doohickie that straps to your hand and a blow dryer.  I'm curious how it will work.

Howzit surfingdog, It might put out 1/3 HP but it only draws 2 amps, that’s not very much. My Makita draws around 7 amps so I would assume it’s not that powerful a motor,but that’s just my assumption.Aloha,Kokua

had a look today basically its two 4" foam pads going in opposite motions had a quick go a an old car bonnet and the results were brilliant though it does run very fast, i will be getting a tester for use on a board on monday, but he gave me some diamond glaze to try which all the car manufacturers are using to take scratches off the forecourt cars that they cant sell.

has anyone tried it on a board