Dale 2 - another quantum leap forward

(already posted in Events & Happenings)

Fellow radicals, enough of you have asked about the possibility of another meet-up of mats, spoons and paipos in Santa Cruz this winter that it’s now official by popular demand: if you want to share stoke and insane equipment soaked in NorCal vibes, set aside Dec. 27 to Jan. 3 as your sacred week of Daleness (Thurs-Thurs, just like last year).

Instead of a rented house, we’ll just get one another’s phone nos. and organize on the run, swell calling the shots. JDBailiff as already offered his place for evening highlights and beer. Maybe some other kind SC soul will make a matching offer.

This was stick-em’d by sway’s last year and it worked. Some of you may have seen the 1000 fotos posted after the event.

Just pm or call me with your cell no. and I’ll pass it on to all concerned. Let the hype begin.