Dale Solomonson....Public disclosure is in order!




>As has been pointed out - Dale is a good guy and is doing his best to fulfill all his commitments.

>Tell you what… as a friend of Dale’s, I’ll back him one hundred percent.

>I’ll back up John’s warranty as a satisfied customer of one of Dale Solomonson’s Neumatic surfmats.

In certain chemical and drug dependent circles they call this enabling.
Friends shouldnt let friends or prospective customers be entreated to unprofessional lack of communication, undisclosed 2 year waits or worst.






Is mpgarander your actual name?  I was just wondering?  Because if you are are going to make accusations of the type referred to in your post have the "Balls" to use you real name .  If it is your real name keep your fucking bullshit to yourself.  I mean afterall; What is your intent?  What are you gaining by maligning another on a website of this type.  Did you order a mat from him?  Just a jerk or got your panties in a bunch over a deal with Dale?

Thanks. Iv’e been abreast of these issues for quite awhile and thanks to proneman for shining some light on this issue. Of course this is redundant, but since you asked ‘friends shouldnt let friends or prospective customers be entreated to unprofessional lack of communication, undisclosed 2 year waits or worst.’

Numerous posts across the matter blogs and forums attest to all this! Customers need respect too.Proneman said everything best, just click on the link: http://www2.swaylocks.com/forums/where-dale-solomonson

Of course one man could change the perception of all this. Its whas being asked for, but you aint him!







Love your post .I have no dog in this fight but if I ordered something and never heard anything I would be PISSED!!!! Second to swear at someone you do not know and call then out for not publishing their name yet you are equally spineless as McDing you do not pubish yours.

If you will pm me or John Mellor, we might be able to help you out.  No guarantees.  Ranting on the board will not change a thing.  If it makes you feel good, so be it.  But you still come off poorly.  I am not condoning or justifying Dale's business but I do understand it.  I would have taken a different tack if it were my business but it's not.  Times are tough and shit happens.  I'm sure that no one would want to trade places with Dale.

My public apology for the profanity.  But I stand by the content of my post otherwise.  I will point out two things;  One, that garander did NOT state that he had purchased or ordered anything from the person in question.  Two,  He made an insinuation and accusation of drug use against another on a public forum.  I don't care how "abreast" he is of this situation, That was waaayy out of line.  Substantiated or unnsubstaniated: That is not what this site is or should be about.  Yes people do air their gripes from time to time about service, quality etc by firms or indivduals who frequent this site, but insinutation and inuedo about one's  personal life shouldn't (in my opinion) be part of it.  You can call me "spineless " if you want.  You can call me anything you want.  After all it is the internet.  I'm not as much of a voyuer as most internet types and with exception of a few people around this site and others it is my personal preferance to keep it that way.  Let's just put it this way;  too many skeletons in the closet to run for president.  We should all stay out of other peoples personal lives.  If we are going to rag on them let's do it somewhere else.  Garard seemed offended that some one would come to the aid of another.   Complain about the way a guy does business, that's one thing.  Making accusations about his personal life is another.   John and Lee have offered to help anyone who has had a problem with an order.  Leave the man's personal life alone.  Lowel Floyd   Maui and now Oregon. 

In all fairness, I didn't read that anyone was insinuating or accusing anyone of drug use... just that in certain circles I would be considered an enabler.  I've been called worse but it is somewhat troubling that an offer to help turns out to be a bad thing?  I can't say with 100% percent certainty that I did the right thing by offering to help.  It just seemed like an OK idea at the time.

Also, I didn't offer to pay off 'anyone' with an order problem.  I offered to pay off one guy if he didn't receive his mat in 6 months.  If that be the case, I'd also expect to be the recipient of the mat upon completion.  I don't have the deepest pockets around, I'm just maybe more patient.  If you have a beef, feel free to contact me via PM.  As has been pointed out, this is a public forum and likely not the best place to air out one's dirty laundry. 

I do have an order in with Dale for one his new ultra lights and I've told him "No rush.  Put me at the end of the line."  I paid full price and do not consider myself a privileged customer or anything.  His mats are among the best available. (Neumatic and 4th Gear Flyer are the best I've seen and compare favorably IMO)  I have thoroughly enjoyed riding the mats Dale has made. 

For what it's worth I've also purchased a few mats from Paul Gross and can verify that his customer service and mat quality are outstanding.  (Paul also writes a hilarious blog called "Surfmatters.")

I guess in certain circles I could introduce myself as a dysfunctional co-dependent enabler and say that I'd love to see this particular thread just fade away to page 2, 3, etc....



Give Dale a break.He’s gone through hell and back.I had a long wait due to his recovery but he will get you your mat.He’s an honest man.

His mat is a superfun wave riding tool that will put a smile on your face.


John Mellor has it right and I supplied examples. Bad reading comprehension is making more of this than intended.

I’m talking to Dale right now…

Here’s my interpretation of what Dale and I talked about.  

He said he doesn’t want to get involved in the mud slinging, but he said he trusts me to give my interpretation.

Here are a few facts which may shed some light on the state of affairs with Dale and his mats.

His computer has been broken for quite a while, and the lines at the public library are long.

His phone has been off and on due to not being able to pay the bill.

His personal and business life and finances are one in the same. (I won’t go into details, but saying he is “on the edge” is putting it mildly.)

He takes some new orders so he has the money to buy supplies to build the new, and an old order.

He said many of the things written about him range from true, half truth, false, to pure fabrication.

He knows many of those who are satisfied customers are not interested in participating in the “mud slinging” either.

He said he is making and delivering Mats.

There seems to be other things going on in the “mat world” besides Dale’s personal/business woes, and only time will tell how it all shakes out.

I think that’s enough.

One last thing I’ll throw out - I’ve seen Dale making mats, and it is a one at a time, custom piece by piece, labor of love.  


Lastly - For my part.  I have no vested interest in Dale’s mats.  I love Dale like an uncle, and in the 29 years I have know him, I have always known him to be completely honest.  If some one around these parts wants to try/borrow my mat, feel free to contact me.   

actually I think TaylorO’s note here should put an end to this thread… without pushing our way into Dales’ private life, we now know all we need to know…He’s making mats and filling orders to the best of his ability and commutations are tough right now.   Wait your turn and your mat will arrive.  It’s worth the wait, trust me on that.

i second what walrus just said. trust… and it’s worth the wait.


 i agree get off the guys back you gutless Fire Eyes


The beauty of life is that there is rarely one right way of seeing things. I don’t see the previous emails as simply gutless people hassling Dale. I have been asked to post my experience online and have declined to do so. Dale has made an enormous contribution to surfing and from my past e-mails been genenerous with his knowledge and experience, however, I think Dale’s reputation and welfare would be better promoted by making changes to how he is currently doing things.


I’d like to ask you 2 questions:

  1. If you pay your money up front - what do you consider a reasonable time before you receive what you paid for?

  2. If you send an e-mail asking about your order, what do you consider a reasonable timeframe before you receive a reply?







I have been around Swaylocks for a long time. This is not right. It’s all wrong. It’s not what Mike envisioned when he created this website. I am ashamed of some of you people. No wonder most of the original crew is gone.

My position which I have poorly articulated is that I hope there is a way to assist Dale AND keep his customers happy. I think a bit too much was read into my e-mail. 







Hey  Guys!    I posted four days ago that this thread needs to come to an end!   we found out all we need to know, or should know.  Now it’s time for the moderators (who ever they be) to lock, shut down, remove or whatever this thread.   Thank you and i hope all have a good holiday season…O, and good waves to all 'cause thats whats it’s all about when we get down to it…