Damascus Glassing DVD

It’s Done!!!



It’s Done!!!


Nice… It’s ordered.

It’s ordered… again.

My Thanks to Mr. Brucker - I’ve been waiting for this one, as are a lot of folks here.

Ordered as well.

Poor kid is going to be up to his ass in orders, haha. It’s a problem I’m sure he welcomes though…

Can’t wait to get mine as well. A good respirator wouldn’t be a bad thing either :).

Just watched the Glassing dvd. WOW! Looks like many of the minor technical kinks have been worked out: lighting was great; audio super; flow of chapters was well done, etc… Bruckner has a nice and calm pace to his narration. Wonderful southern drawl. The resin pinline work is fantastic. The whole production is so well presented it inspires confidence to put on the respirators and start glassing.

Thanks to all involved.

Follow up DVD suggestion: Epoxy surfboard construction. Featuring Greg Loehr and Bert Berger.

Very good stuff. Answers a lot of questions for me. I’m disappointed in the dependence on acetone, tho. I’ve haven’t done poly in decades and I had forgotten how much you are dependent on it, I guess.

I’d love to see G Loher and Bert and others do a video on Epoxy. Greg, what do you say?

I too would love to see the specialty differences between poly and epoxy

and also differences between clark style blanks and eps and other techniques.


100000000000000000000000000000000000X better than glassing 101, I like how he seemed to explain not just show, However it seemed to lack in a way for me, it really seems more backyard, less professional.

here is 1 thing that bothered me

The cutting , it seemed very erratic, im used to seeing really clean crisp cuts. Especially on that volan job, when it was hotcoated it seemed to have a jagged pattern to it

,I think what killed it for me was the garage, instead of regular factory.

Im not sure little things always bug me, I dont want to detract from the fact that Overall its a great dvd, I definately would recommend it to anyone on this board who is interested in glassing,

Thanks RB

Thanks Surflab.I guess I will answer questions (good and Bad) as they come.As for the volan lap I think it may have been a reflection in the primer coat that makes it look jagged,I was trying to show a couple of different ways to cut.The garage is actually a 3000 sqare foot building on my property in the country. The outside shot you saw was on the side of the shop…Its full temp controlled and set up for woodworking.I have(or had) a shaping and glassing room on one side.To answer the Acetone question there is a huge thread in the Archives on this subject.I had fun doing the film.Matt from Damascus just filmed me working,doing things my way, nothing was staged or anything like that.I have no financial interest in this deal so I can answer any tech questions you guys want.I appreciate the input. R. Brucker

I just watched the video as well, great stuff and I learned a ton, BUT still have a few questions.

When you were sanding the boards at the end, you did the hand sanding with a wet/dry sand paper that was soaked in a can of water right? Was the sanding disc on the grinder also saturated?

The other is about the resin tinting with the cut laps, however, it may be boring, so with your permission, I’d like to Private Message you that question.

The pinline part was great. I can see how you could get caught up in the 100 pinline board, it looks so relaxing to just work on the details like that.

Great film though, thanks a ton to both you and matt.

I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on it’s way. Anyhow about the commment of the set up not being a professional factory? 95% of the people buying this dvd, or reading this post glass their boards either in there garage, outside, under a tree or in some cases in there living room. They would kill for that shop space. Mr Clean. thank you for taking the time to document the art and pass it along for others to learn. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I never had anyone to show me the ropes, it was all trial and error. Lots of error, good lord I made some ugly shit.


The spray marble effect was awesome… so were the abstracts. That’s definately something I wouldn’t have tried without seeing first. I’ve learned enormous amounts of information from Swaylocks, but somethings you just have to see.

The only dissappointment: The labels stay on. The first time I watched my Master Shapers tape the labels started peeling off when I ejected the tapes… it added to the charm of a small time production.

Thanks for putting the time into this video Roger.

Hey Damascus,

I sent emails to both the info and sales addresses on the sight and they both bounced. I want to order the shaping and glassing

DVDs. Plug me in will ya ~

Mahalo, Rich

This is great. Been waiting a long time to get this to go with Jim’s video. Can’t wait to watch this video. There are so many sutle things that can make a difference and often only watching it being done can I pick some these finer points. Many Thanks

Cleanlines… I think this is a great tape. Lots of excellent info and clear visual instruction as well. Thanks.

One question. Maybe a dumb one but… it seemed like there was sanding and grinding going on with the laps before the suncure board was exposed and hardened. Is this because there was some MEKP in the resin that gelled the resin… is the sanding shown out of sequence, or… should I really be going after bumps in the wet laps with something other than the squeegee?

Maybe that was more than one question.

Next Lam - I’m planning for a blue & white abstract inlay on the deck.


Eric J

(I will be glad to answer any questions regarding the Film but it may be best to use the personal message board at the top of the site.I would hate to clog up the Forum…kinda like "Spamming"for lack of a better term.I guess I will leave that up to you guys and Mike.Either way is fine with me)…Anyway, the shots are not really in sequence so it pays to go through the film a couple of times.As for the polishing I used water when working by hand.When using the machine I dry sanded.All lap grinding was done on cured hotcoat resin,I do add catylist to Suncure resin…you don’t have to though.Thanks for all the positive thoughts. R.B.

Cleanlines, you’ve done us all a great service. Thanks for all your efforts.