Damn this guy is good

I’m soo stoked on this guys work. Worlds best shaper, and he’s a bloody Seppo!

Ha ha.

I don’t get to see much work that comes out of the States (maybe I will soon because our dollar is kicking your dollars ass, which actually sucks!) But what I do see stokes me out.

The added volume really stands out. I like it!

Yorky ,


MB has some nice boards, new models every month or so .


Matt is a good example of a great shaper who adapts to conditions and demands.  He really understood what was going on when Clark closed on the West Coast and made the appropriate changes (read EPS/XPS here).  I have seen a lot of his production and must say that his "ghosts" do really fine work.  He believes that his name still means something.  Also, his hand shapes are great and he is one of the great "middle era" (my term for guys from the 80's like Stussy, Biolos, Stamps,  Hurley, etc.) shapers who will be around for a long, long time.  He has understood the bridge between shaping & design (CNC) better than a lot and what you posted were good examples.  He is really open for discussion but hasn't posted here for a while.  I don't know how his stuff translates down your way, but keep on posting up your stuff, our dollar here is the sh*t, we are bleeding every day....


Cool, He seems a very humble guy (His taste in music is definitely from my era). There are not many shapers that I could say I would want to meet, ha, ha, most all come off as wankers! True! A ego bunch of roosters!.

yeah, it would be cool to meet him I reckon.

I like how he took KA under his wing from birth. The whole story of his career seems to have kept him grounded to.

…He must he a busy bloke.

I want every one of those boards! Damn I got to work on my shaping skills..

…hey Surfteach, Biolos started many many moons later than the other guys you mention; except Stamp that I do not know him.

and the shaper actually is the machine

Great company and a great shaper. I have ordered several customs from them and they always came out great. I have everything from their RNF to a mini-gun for travel. I think they were criticized years ago for their glassing but my boards have always held up well. The thing I like the best is that when you order a custom, even here on the EC, you can email Mike or Matt and they actually respond back and will answer your questions. Try getting that at other top companies.

I’d say Jeff Widener shapes waay better and can shape anything; still MB has the insights to keep him in his stable, and even has him shoed. Bulkley is still a force to be reckoned with.  Darrell shapes a clean board, and Dev’s stuff is good.  Quarterbacks get the credit, but without a good team…  And I would never call Hazard a genius, or Wells, but maybe Berton, because he is the coolest guy ever, and without him well…

Seems like MB is really good at creating buzz / hype.

Obviously his boards work too.

Great, to get some insight into The Mayhem empire,


All the hype is fuelled by their branded caffiene energy drink!!!