damned good brush

I went on ya’lls advice and purchased a good 4" brush (Ultra Professional Destroyer)instead of using the 3" chip brushes I can get for free. well, I got a no hair hotcoat (yea!) but almost got a no hotcoat hotcoat. the thing sucks up a bung load of resin. the amount I normally used suddenly was not near enough until I squeeged out the brush. even then I had to add a little, good thing it was suncure. so, with the good brushes am I doomed to use and waste more resin? do I need to cut the bristle length? or will it get better with use?

is it a polyester bristle? i bought a “professional” brush, it was like $18. it was the worst brush for hotcoating or glossing. it was a polyester bristle brush. pure chinese bristles are the best. the bristles keep nice and tight when it’s soaked in resin. it leaves a nice smooth coat. what do you guys use for brushes???

it’s a great brush just pulls in and holds a lot of resin. it’s a lot thicker than what I’m used too. chip brushes are super thin and don’t hold anything, bad for paint, good for resin but chip brushes shed like a black labrador in a Texas July.